The Connection To FB

FaREDACTEDokFacebook – The behemoth of the social media world has, at time of writing, 901 million monthly users which means it’s theoretically representative of about 13% of the worlds population. Such is the influence of Facebook that even arguably the biggest internet giant Google has tried its own thing with Google+ which has yet to have a significant influence despite being able to bring in other aspects such as Youtube, Blogspot, and Google Mail. As such, businesses across the world, from the small enterprise right up to the global media enterprises, have set out their stall on Facebook in order to attract followers and disseminate their messages. In order to make this so, FB have made it relatively simple for companies to do this and companies have responded by offering prizes etc for loyalty and likes. So we’re all signed up and interacting right? Well… maybe not.

I used to be on FB, I have friends on FB, but I recently deleted my account. Why the heresy? It’s simple really, I couldn’t see the point of being on a site where I didn’t connect with friends that much because I’d chat to them with other methods such as Twitter, or just do that thing where people talk to each other, either in person or on the phone. Do I miss it? Not really. What put me off? There wasn’t really much in the way of inane posts but there was the onslaught of app invites thanks to the social steamroller that is Zynga, then the questionable security of my personal information as developers wanted more and more information plus access to my account to do things I wasn’t keen on them doing. This isn’t something I’m happy about so I was more and more unable to interact because I didn’t want to do incur these issues (or force them upon my friends).

The problem for me now is that since my FB account deletion, I’m unable to interact with companies on there. Not the biggest problem is it, but it does show a trend that’s occurring and shows no sign of slowing down which raises up an issue that may turn round and bite the users.

As those who have been on the Net for a while know, and something companies pay a huge amount to avoid, is the fickle nature of the internet. Things come, things go. Yahoo used to be one of the biggest search engines in the world but have had a very hard time of it recently, Compuserve were big at one point but have now disappeared, AOL used to be the biggest ISP but are barely seen anymore. Hell, even technology’s Goliath Microsoft has struggled at times to keep up with how quickly things can change. So no-one is immune from this and companies such as Facebook spend huge amounts of money in an attempt to stay ahead and keep people interested, like the acquisition of Instagram by FB. All well and good so far but what is happening is that companies taking advantage of the easy method of staying relevant are ignoring the fact that membership of FB is fluid, that people will join but they will also leave. The most sensible companies have their own site alongside the social media connections on FB, Twitter et al, yet many are looking to have just the FB page.

What am I trying to say? By closing off options, companies etc are turning their backs on potential customers which, as things stand, seems to be a little confusing. Yes, it does take a bit more expenditure and care to host your own site but there are various options available to help with this and it allows you to connect with more people.


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