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The Connection To FB

FaREDACTEDokFacebook – The behemoth of the social media world has, at time of writing, 901 million monthly users which means it’s theoretically representative of about 13% of the worlds population. Such is the influence of Facebook that even arguably the biggest internet giant Google has tried its own thing with Google+ which has yet to have a significant influence despite being able to bring in other aspects such as Youtube, Blogspot, and Google Mail. As such, businesses across the world, from the small enterprise right up to the global media enterprises, have set out their stall on Facebook in order to attract followers and disseminate their messages. In order to make this so, FB have made it relatively simple for companies to do this and companies have responded by offering prizes etc for loyalty and likes. So we’re all signed up and interacting right? Well… maybe not. Read the rest of this entry