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webOS Carputer Project #1

Where to start… well, this all came about from wanting to use my tablet in my car. It made sense as a multi function device, especially as most of my music was in digital format. The current methods didn’t appeal because either they left wires all over the place, made it too obvious that there was possibly tech in the car that people could steal, or just made using the tablet impractical at best. So began this project of installing it in a way that I wanted.

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A Vision of The webOS Future

webOS Vision In-depth

by Frankentech

Previously, I’d written about my vision for webOS, showing a few things like possible products, plus a little bit about how it would all go together, you can read it here if you want. In this follow-up, I intend to go into a lot more detail about how I think it would all come about. Read the rest of this entry

My OS Love

I Love webOSWhen it comes to tech, mobile operating systems are pretty much the leading edge of fanboydom. Apple leads by a long way thanks to iOS, Google’s Android also has a huge following, then there’s Windows Phone 7, RIM’s Blackberry, plus a plethora of other much neglected systems. My love, however, goes to webOS. Read the rest of this entry